Driver’s Ed (Drivers Education) Courses

Driver’s Ed Courses

Driver’s Education courses in VA

Good driver’s education in Northern Virginia includes several elements of training.  First, you need to learn the laws of the road.  Each state has its own driving laws and, while many state’s laws are similar, they are not necessarily the same.  If you live in Northern Virginia, you need to know the laws in Northern Virginia.  Another important aspect to a good driver’s education course is learning about vehicles and driving skills.  Understanding certain aspects about how a car works and how to control it will help you anticipate what a car will do under certain driving conditions and when you do certain actions.

The above elements will give you the knowledge you need to be prepared for your permit test and be on your way to being a good driver, but there are two other elements that are also important.  On the road training, where you actually get behind the wheel and experience putting those driving skills you’ve been learning into practice, has an enormous benefit both to further engrain what you are learning into your mind, but also give you the real-world experience of doing them.

The fourth important element to good driver’s education is learning the customs and courtesies of driving.  Not everything we do when driving is determined by law.  Some are simply matters of courtesy or custom.  These are often unwritten rules that you can learn while being trained on the road and they help you to not only be a safer driver, but also help you to be a peaceful, respectful driver and avoid incidents of road rage.  All these aspects come together in a good and complete driver’s education program and you can get all of these at The Star Driving School. 

  • 36 hours classroom
  • weekend classes
  • $250

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