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Teaching new drivers

in northern virginia since 2002

Why Choose Us

Fully Insured, License & Bonded

Star driving school is a fully bonded, insured and licensed driving school approved by DMV

DMV Certified Instructors

All of our Instructors are DMV licensed and bonded with years of experience

The Best Quality at the Best Price

All of our instructors are trained to help sensitive drivers feel comfortable while they learn

About Us In Short

Ready For A Safe, Fun Driving Experience?

The school offers the following services for teenage first-time drivers, new adult learners, and existing drivers with lapsed licenses.

Basic driving skills

Defensive driving

Behind the wheel for adults

Behind the wheel for teens

DMV Re-Examination

Expressway/Beltway Driving

Road test preparation

Road test vehicle usage

Driver's ED

Waiver Program ( get your license)

driving school drivers ed

What Makes Us Different From Other Driving Schools

We understand that learning to drive can be very nerve racking. We are dedicated to providing you with a sensitive and comfortable setting as you take on this new skill.

We are serving all high schools of Loudon County, Fairfax County, Arlington County, Alexandria, and Prince William County.

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Licensed Training

The Star Driving School’s driving instructors are licensed with the DMV and fully bonded and our students have a 99% passing rate. Our students come out of our training confident they can not only pass the driving exams, but also are well prepared for the road. You can be confident that your child not only knows the rules of the road, but how to safely operate a vehicle.

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Good Coaches

Any instructor can tell you rules and show you the parts of a car. At Star Driving School, however, our instructors act as coaches as well. We both train drivers how to operate a vehicle safely and work to build their confidence as they learn. Through the coaching of our instructors and experience of many hours actually behind the wheel, drivers who take our courses leave with knowledge and confidence.

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Comfort Vehicles

Safety and ease of mind are very important to us. Learning how to drive can be difficult and nerve-wracking. There’s no reason to make it even more difficult or inconvenient. So, Star Driving School uses newer model cars with dual-brake and gas pedals installed. That means that our instructors can apply the gas or brakes for the student, if necessary, giving the student an added sense of security and safety as they learn. For our student’s safety and convenience we also offer free pick-up and drop-off from your home, place of employment, or high school.

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Proven Record

Star Driving School has been serving Northern Virginia for over 16 years. During that time, we have trained thousands of students how to be safe, responsible drivers as well as how to pass their driving exam. Our track record speaks for itself as 99% of all people who come to Star Driving School pass their test!

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Pricing Plan

We have competitive prices for any behind the wheel classes in Virginia.  Our services are worth every penny as these skills you learn last a life time.

Adult Driving Lessons

  • 60-min - $50.00
  • 120-min - $100.00
  • 10-hour - $450.00
  • Custom Classes
  • Weekend Classes


Adult Behind The Wheel

  • Upto 50 minutes evaluation (7periods)
  • Includes 50 minutes observation
  • For Adults (18+) only
  • Road test included
  • Free pick and drop off
  • Driving experience requires in USA
  • Requires Driver's ED
  • Reqires learner's permit


Driver's ED Online Course

  • 36 hours online classes
  • 7 Days a week
  • Final test will be held at center
  • fees are non refundable ( contact us for more details)


Teenager 1 ON 1

  • We can help your child drive
  • 60-min - $50.00
  • 120-min - $100.00
  • 7-hour - $330.00
  • 10-hour - $450.00
  • 45 Hours Training : $2100


Get Your license (waiver program)

  • Upto 50 minutes evaluation (7periods)
  • Includes 50 minutes obervation
  • Class room course included
  • Road test included
  • Free pick and drop off
  • Driving experience requires in USA
  • Requires learner's permit


Driver's ED Classroom

  • 36 hours classroom
  • Weekends Classes
  • Road test included


Behind The Wheel (Teens)

  • 50 minutes observation for 7 days
  • 50 minutes driving for 7 days
  • 7 Days Program
  • Road test included
  • Requires Learner's Permit
  • Requires Driver' ED (DEC CARD)


DMV Road Test (rent our car)

  • 40 mints Drive included
  • Road test simulation
  • Pre Testing


Re-Examination Course

  • Re examination for permit test
  • 8 hours class for adults $185
  • 36 hours class for teens $250
  • Power Plan


Re examination for road skill test

  • Custom Classes according to your requirements
  • 50 minutes observation
  • 50 minutes drive
  • 7 Days Program
  • power plan


Get Your license by Star Driving School

60 days waiver program for adult only, After successful completion the star driving school will issue the license.

 please call us for more details 703-720-0978


Our organization is providing driving school drivers ed services in VA area. Are you in Virginia looking for a driving school near you? The Star Driving School has experts ready to put you behind the wheel.

The Star Driving School in Northern Virginia offers drivers a friendly and safe atmosphere as well as competent, experienced, and skilled staff who are prepared to give you the best training programs that are customized in to address your needs.

Star Driving School is primarily a DMV licensed and accredited driving school in the United States of America. The Star Driving School Drivers Ed school offers numerous driving courses, together with DMV Re-examination Classes, Behind the wheel courses for teens and adults, and DMV Road test and Driver Education Courses (Driver’s ED).

For many years, we have offered free pick up as well as return services and facilities for our driving students. Connect us today to find out how you can remove points from your record as well as lower your rates of insurance. The Star Driving School is authorized and licensed by the DMV.

Driving School Drivers Ed course gives the drivers the safe and defensive driving training that will put them behind the wheel. Our driving trainers are always there to assist and enhance your youngster’s knowledge and driving skills and furthermore instruct them, how to prevent the accidents and mishaps so they become safe driver.

The Safety training will limit the errors and mistakes that are often made by inexperienced drivers when driving. We offer defensive driving courses, which are designed to be effective and simple to learn. We pick up and get the students from different zones of the Virginia USA which includes Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Arlington, and Alexandria territories.

At the end of the Driving School Drivers Ed course, the learners make themselves as well as their families more secure on the roads by utilizing the standards and principles of what was learned at The Star Driving School.

 We remove the dangers of driving. We provide a guaranteed and friendly experience. The competent and experienced Driving School staff are set up to give you the finest preparation programs that are customized to address your needs.

School’s coaches merely will help you to transform into a safer and smarter driver with sensitive friendly driver’s ed courses.  We offer courses on safe driving, from well-trained, friendly coaches.

Drive Secure and Safe!!

It is very important that every person gets their license. Our skilled and competent educators will turn you into a professional driver.

The Star Driving School proposes the following:

The Star Driving School staff are thought pioneers in the community – utilize our free advisers to help decide on the best driving choices.

Teen Behind The Wheel Services:

For a teen, getting behind the wheel can be one of the scariest things. Our coaches are trained to help nervous teen drivers feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Adult Behind The Wheel Services:

Experienced seniors, New drivers, as well as the drivers with mandatory learning prerequisites and more are all welcome.

Proven Success:

On their initial try, more than 95% of our driving students and learners pass their road test.

Our Central goal:

What actually makes a decent driving school incredible? We believe that it depends on three standards: Safety, Care, and Integrity. As anyone might expect, these are our fundamental values. We ensure that the driving knowledge and experience will be an optimistic and positive experience and will instill self-confidence to deal with predictable circumstances.

Why Pick Us:

The Star Driving School is Virginia state authorized, bonded as well as insured. Our experienced and skilled trainers have all passed the test of National Record verification and are ensured in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We offer work, school, or home pick-up in order to suit your schedule.

Get Your License By The Star Driving School

Waiver program for adult only, After successful completion the star driving school will issue the license

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