• Guidance for the Parents/Guardians for Behind the Wheel Training:

    1. Classroom driver’s education is required for all teenage students through their public high school prior to getting their learner’s permit. Note: For private school and home schooled students, if class room driver’s education is not offered by the school, they can attend the Star Driving School Driver’s Education Program.
    2. Student must have completed 45 hours of driving with the parent/guardian of which 15 of the 45 hours must be night time driving.
    3. Parents please remind your child to log the driving hours to track their progress against the 45 hours


    Do you recall your first teenage driving lessons?

    They often consist mostly of parents screaming:

    “Watch Out!”

    “Slow Down!”

    “You’re scaring me!”

    You probably felt discouraged and your parents probably felt scared and frustrated.

    Would you like to make your child’s first teenage driving lessons more positive?

    Teaching your child to become a responsible teen driver has its challenges. There are great safety risks when you give control of a vehicle over to a learning teen driver. You need to realize that learning how to drive is not a right, it is a privilege. If you decide your child is not yet ready to learn to drive, do not feel guilty. In fact, by teaching teenagers to drive only when they have matured, you may just save them from having a tragic accident and being part of those teenage driving statistics you hear about and see on the news.


    Teenage Students Behind the Wheel

    Documents that must be provided to the driving instructor when I getting picked up, before the first lesson:

    1. Certificate of Completion Classroom Driver Education (DEC01) Note: If not provided on the first day you will not be authorized to operate the vehicle.
    2. Photocopy of your Virginia DMV issued learner’s permit for the driving instructor and the student must have with them the original learner’s’ permit to operate the vehicle.
    3. If you have registered online, you must download a copy of the contract available at the link: http://thestardrivingschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Contract.pdf